About Us

Who are we?

We are a women's online only fashion store that was established in 2018. Our store caters to women seeking classy, chic fashion clothing and accessories. 

We are proud to offer great fashion sense pieces to our customers along with detailed descriptions for your shopping convenience.

Our mission is to enhance women's confidence and play a role in expressing character with the clothing and accessories that are found in our store.

We are always looking to better our store overall, and always do our best to keep our customers satisfied.

Who is the founder?

MIR fashion is owned and operated by Maria Inez, whom actually models and wears the collection of the items in this store. She was born and raised in California, striving for the American dream.

She is continuously seeking to learn and grow in all aspects of life, and is open minded to new opportunities.

This store helps fulfill her mission in life, to work for herself and her family.

Her motivation and inspiration to run this business is her belief that fashion is more than just items, but a symbol of who we are and who we want to be.

It brings a lot of happiness and joy for her to be a part of other women's lives in a small, but significant way.

"We make the items we purchase look good and they make us feel good!"- MIR